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verb \ˈklīm\

Simple Definition of climb

  • : to move or go up (something) using your feet and often your hands

  • : to go up mountains, cliffs, etc., as a sport

  • : to move yourself in a way that usually involves going up or down

Full Definition of climb

  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1 a :  to go upward with gradual or continuous progress :  rise, ascend <watching the smoke climb> b :  to increase gradually <prices are continuing to climb> c :  to slope upward <a climbing path>

  3. 2 a :  to go upward or raise oneself especially by grasping or clutching with the hands <climbed aboard the train> b of a plant :  to ascend in growth (as by twining)

  4. 3 :  to go about or down usually by grasping or holding with the hands <climb down the ladder>

  5. 4 :  to get into or out of clothing usually with some haste or effort <the firefighters climbed into their clothes>

  6. transitive verb
  7. 1 :  to go upward on or along, to the top of, or over <climb a hill>

  8. 2 :  to draw or pull oneself up, over, or to the top of by using hands and feet <children climbing the tree>

  9. 3 :  to grow up or over <ivy climbing the wall>

climb·able play \ˈklī-mə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of climb

  1. He dreams of climbing Kilimanjaro.

  2. It took them six days to climb the mountain.

  3. She has climbed seriously for several years now.

  4. The actors were climbing down from the stage.

  5. He climbed over the fence.

  6. The passengers of the sailboat climbed aboard.

  7. The pilot climbed into the cockpit.

  8. I think she climbed in through the window.

  9. He climbed out of the car with a box in his hands.

Origin of climb

Middle English, from Old English climban; probably akin to Old English clifian to adhere — more at cleave

First Known Use: before 12th century




Simple Definition of climb

  • : the act or process of climbing a mountain, hill, etc.

  • : the act or process of moving upward

  • : the act or process of going to a higher level or position

Full Definition of climb

  1. 1 :  a place where climbing is necessary to progress

  2. 2 :  the act or an instance of climbing :  rise, ascent

Examples of climb

  1. It's a 20-minute climb to the ridge from here.

  2. He's planning to attempt one of the most difficult climbs in South America this summer.

  3. The book made a rapid climb to the top of the best-seller list.

Circa 1587

First Known Use of climb

circa 1587

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