noun \ˈklz\

grammar : a part of a sentence that has its own subject and verb

: a separate part of a legal document

Full Definition of CLAUSE

:  a group of words containing a subject and predicate and functioning as a member of a complex or compound sentence
:  a separate section of a discourse or writing; specifically :  a distinct article in a formal document

Examples of CLAUSE

  1. The sentence When it rained they went inside consists of two clauses: when it rained and they went inside.
  2. a clause in a will

Origin of CLAUSE

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin clausa close of a rhetorical period, from Latin, feminine of clausus, past participle of claudere to close — more at close
First Known Use: 13th century

Other Grammar and Linguistics Terms

ablaut, allusion, anacoluthon, diacritic, gerund, idiom, infinitive, metaphor, semiotics, simile

Rhymes with CLAUSE

CLAUSE Defined for Kids


noun \ˈklz\

Definition of CLAUSE for Kids

:  a separate part of a document (as a will)
:  a group of words having its own subject and predicate <The sentence “When it rained they went inside” is made up of two clauses: “when it rained” and “they went inside.”>
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