noun \ˈkla-bərd; ˈkla(p)-ˌbrd\

: a narrow board that is thicker at one edge than at the other and that is used to cover the outsides of buildings

: a set of narrow boards covering the outside of a building

Full Definition of CLAPBOARD

archaic :  a size of board for making staves and wainscoting
:  a narrow board usually thicker at one edge than the other used for siding
\ˈklap-ˌbrd\ :  a pair of hinged boards one of which has a slate with data identifying a piece of film and which are banged together in front of a motion-picture camera at the start of a take to facilitate editing —called also clapper board
clapboard transitive verb


part translation of Dutch klaphout stave wood
First Known Use: circa 1520

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Narrow board tapered toward one edge, used as siding to cover the exterior of a framed building. Clapboards are attached horizontally, each overlapping the next one down. Cleft oak clapboard was introduced to New England in the 17th century; later materials included pine, cypress, and cedar.


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