Christian X

Chris·tian X

biographical name \ˈkris-chən, ˈkrish-\

Definition of CHRISTIAN X

1870–1947 king of Denmark (1912–47)

Christian X

biographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

(born Sept. 26, 1870, Charlottenlund, Den.—died April 20, 1947, Copenhagen) King of Denmark (1912–47) who symbolized his nation's resistance to the German occupation in World War II. He assumed the throne on the death of his father, Frederick VIII (1843–1912). In 1915 Christian signed a constitution granting equal suffrage to men and women. After the German occupation began in 1940, he rode frequently on horseback through the streets of Copenhagen, showing that he had not abandoned his claim to national sovereignty, and he opposed Nazi demands for anti-Jewish legislation. His speech against the occupation forces in 1943 led to his imprisonment until the end of the war.


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