noun \ˈklr-ˌīt\

Definition of CHLORITE

:  any of a group of usually green silicate minerals associated with and resembling the micas
chlo·rit·ic \kl-ˈri-tik\ adjective

Origin of CHLORITE

German Chlorit, from Latin chloritis, a green stone, from Greek chlōritis, from chlōros
First Known Use: 1794



Definition of CHLORITE

:  a salt containing the anion ClO2 <chlorite of sodium>

Origin of CHLORITE

probably from French, from chlor-
First Known Use: 1853


noun \-ˌīt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CHLORITE

: a salt containing the anion ClO2


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Widespread group of layer silicate minerals composed of hydrous aluminum silicates, usually of magnesium and iron. The name, from the Greek for “green,” refers to chlorite's typical colour. Chlorites have a silicate layer structure similar to that in micas. They characteristically occur as alteration products of other higher temperature minerals and are most common in sedimentary and igneous rocks and in some metamorphic rocks.


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