Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage


: a type of cabbage from Asia that has a long head and pale, wrinkled leaves

Full Definition of CHINESE CABBAGE

:  either of two Asian brassicas now grown in the United States and widely used as greens:
a :  bok choy
b :  one (Brassica rapa pekinensis) that forms elongate more or less solid cylindrical heads and has pale green or cream-colored leaves

First Known Use of CHINESE CABBAGE


Chinese cabbage

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Either of two widely cultivated members of the mustard family, bok choy and Brassica pekinensis. The latter vegetable, also called celery cabbage, forms a tight head of crinkled light green leaves. It has long been grown in the U.S. as a salad vegetable. All Chinese cabbages are delicate and crisp, qualities that enable them to combine with a wide variety of foods. Kimchi, the universal Korean pickle, is often made with Chinese cabbage.


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