noun \ˈchi-gər, ˈji-\

: a small insect that bites people and causes painful swelling on the skin

Full Definition of CHIGGER

:  chigoe 1
[alteration of 2jigger] :  a six-legged usually red or orange mite larva (family Trombiculidae) that feeds on skin cells and causes intensely itchy reddish welts; also :  the adult mite of this larva

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noun \ˈchig-ər, ˈjig-\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CHIGGER

: chigoe 1
: a 6-legged mite larva of the family Trombiculidae that sucks the blood of vertebrates and causes intense irritation


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Larva of some 10,000 mite species, ranging in length from 0.004 to 0.6 in. (0.1–16 mm). Some are terrestrial; others live in freshwater or salt water. They may be predators, scavengers, or plant feeders, and some are pests of humans, either as parasites or as carriers of disease. In North America, the common chigger that attacks humans is found from the Atlantic coast to the Midwest and Mexico. The larva penetrates clothing and, once attached to the skin, injects a fluid that digests tissue and causes severe itching. After feeding, the larva drops to the ground and begins to mature.


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