noun \ˈchest\

: a container (such as a box or case) for holding things or moving them from place to place

: the front part of the body between the neck and the stomach

Full Definition of CHEST

a :  a container for storage or shipping; especially :  a box with a lid used especially for the safekeeping of belongings
b :  a cupboard used especially for the storing of medicines or first-aid supplies
:  the place where money of a public institution is kept :  treasury; also :  the fund so kept
a :  thorax 1; especially :  the part of the human body enclosed by the ribs and sternum
b :  breast 2a <a hairy chest>
chest·ful \-ˌfl\ noun

Examples of CHEST

  1. He has a broad chest.
  2. The pain is in my upper chest.

Origin of CHEST

Middle English, from Old English cest, cist chest, box, from Latin cista, from Greek kistē basket, hamper
First Known Use: before 12th century
CHESTFUL Defined for Kids


noun \ˈchest\

Definition of CHEST for Kids

:  a container (as a box or case) for storing, safekeeping, or shipping <tool chest> <treasure chest>
:  the front part of the body enclosed by the ribs and breastbone
:  a fund of public money <a community chest to benefit the needy>
chest·ed \ˈche-stəd\ adjective
Medical Dictionary


noun \ˈchest\

Medical Definition of CHEST

:  the part of the body enclosed by the ribs and sternum


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