geographical name \ˈkər-sə-ˌnēz, -ˌnēs\

Definition of CHERSONESE

any of several peninsulas: as (1) Jutland (the Cim·bri·an Chersonese \ˈsim-brē-ən\ or Cim·bric Chersonese \-brik\ ); (2) the Malay Peninsula (the Golden Chersonese ); (3) Crimea (the Tau·ric Chersonese \ˈtr-ik\ ); (4) Gallipoli (the Thra·cian Chersonese \ˈthrā-shən\ )

Variants of CHERSONESE

Cher·so·nese or ancient Cher·so·ne·sus \ˌkər-sə-ˈnē-səs\


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

In ancient geography, any of several peninsulas in Europe and Asia (the term means “peninsula”). Tauric Chersonese comprised the Crimea and often the city of Chersonese, near modern Sevastopol. The city, founded by Ionian Greeks in the 6th century BC, later traded with Athens, Delos, and Rhodes and flourished under the Romans and Byzantines. Thracian Chersonese constituted the modern Gallipoli Peninsula. On the main trade route between Europe and Asia, it was the site of several cities founded by Aeolians and Ionians in the 7th century BC. Abandoned to Darius I in 493 BC, it came under Athenian control and was later dominated by Augustus.


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