verb \ˈchē-pən\

: to cause (something) to be of lower quality

: to cause (something) to have or to seem to have less value, meaning, or importance

cheap·enedcheap·en·ing \ˈchēp-niŋ, ˈchē-pə-\

Full Definition of CHEAPEN

transitive verb
[obsolete English cheap to price, bid for] archaic
a :  to ask the price of
b :  to bid or bargain for
a :  to make cheap in price or value
b :  to lower in general esteem
c :  to make tawdry, vulgar, or inferior
intransitive verb
:  to become cheap

Examples of CHEAPEN

  1. products cheapened by sloppy workmanship
  2. Using the national flag in advertising only cheapens it.
  3. Poor marketing can cheapen a brand name.
  4. I thought that the show cheapened the lives of the people it portrayed.
  5. The wedding ceremony was cheapened by the best man's tasteless jokes.

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