noun \ˈchärt\

: information in the form of a table, diagram, etc.

: a record of information about a medical patient

: a map of an area (such as the sky or ocean) used by pilots, sailors, etc.

Full Definition of CHART

:  map: as
a :  an outline map exhibiting something (as climatic or magnetic variations) in its geographical aspects
b :  a map for the use of navigators
a :  a sheet giving information in tabular form
b :  graph
c :  diagram
d :  a sheet of paper ruled and graduated for use in a recording instrument
e :  a record of medical information about a patient
f :  a listing by rank (as of sales) —usually used in plural <number one on the charts — Timothy Cahill>
:  a musical arrangement; also :  a part in such an arrangement

Examples of CHART

  1. a chart showing the number of cars sold each month
  2. The doctor consulted the patient's chart.
  3. The record went to the top of the charts.

Origin of CHART

Middle French charte, from Latin charta piece of papyrus, document — more at card
First Known Use: 1571

Related to CHART

Other Cartography Terms

Robinson projection, benchmark, plat, projection, topography

Rhymes with CHART



: to make a chart of (an area); also : to mark (something) on a chart

: to make a plan for (something)

: to note the changes, progress, etc., in (something)

Full Definition of CHART

transitive verb
:  to lay out a plan for <chart a course>
:  to make a map or chart of <chart the coastline>
:  chronicle <the book charts the last years of his life>
intransitive verb
:  to be ranked on a chart <the song charted for three months>

Examples of CHART

  1. They charted the course of the ship.
  2. She wanted to chart her own career path.
  3. He will try to chart a new course for the company.
  4. analysts charting trends in the stock market

First Known Use of CHART



noun \ˈchärt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CHART

:  a sheet giving information especially in tabular form; especially :  a record of medical information for a patient
:  graph
:  a sheet of paper ruled and graduated for use in a recording instrument
chart transitive verb
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