noun \ˈchan(t)-s(ə-)lər\

: the highest government official in Germany and Austria

: the head of some U.S. universities

: the head of a British university who represents the school but who does not have many responsibilities

Full Definition of CHANCELLOR

a :  the secretary of a nobleman, prince, or king
b :  the lord chancellor of Great Britain
c British :  the chief secretary of an embassy
d :  a Roman Catholic priest heading the office in which diocesan business is transacted and recorded
a :  the titular head of a British university
b (1) :  a university president
(2) :  the chief executive officer in some state systems of higher education
a :  a lay legal officer or adviser of an Anglican diocese
b :  a judge in a court of chancery or equity in various states of the United States
:  the chief minister of state in some European countries
chan·cel·lor·ship \-ˌship\ noun

Examples of CHANCELLOR

  1. the new chancellor of the university


Middle English chanceler, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin cancellarius doorkeeper, secretary, from cancellus
First Known Use: 14th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In western Europe, the title of holders of numerous offices of varying importance, ultimately political in nature. The prime ministers of Germany and Austria are called chancellors. In Britain the chancellor of the Exchequer is the cabinet member in charge of finance. In the U.S. the title is used mainly for the chief administrators of universities.


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