noun cen·tu·ry \ˈsen(t)-sh(ə-)rē\

: a period of 100 years

: a period of 100 years counted from the beginning of the Christian era

plural cen·tu·ries

Full Definition of CENTURY

:  a subdivision of the Roman legion
:  a group, sequence, or series of 100 like things
:  a period of 100 years especially of the Christian era or of the preceding period of human history
:  a race over a hundred units (as yards or miles)

Examples of CENTURY

  1. It took more than a century to complete the cathedral.
  2. Millions of people celebrated the beginning of the 21st century on January 1, 2000.
  3. The pottery dates back to the sixth century B.C.E.
  4. When the prince got married, it was called the wedding of the century.

Origin of CENTURY

Latin centuria, irregular from centum hundred
First Known Use: 1533

Other Calendar Terms

antedate, estival, gloaming, luster, sesquicentennial
CENTURY Defined for Kids


noun cen·tu·ry \ˈsen-chə-rē, ˈsench-rē\
plural cen·tu·ries

Definition of CENTURY for Kids

:  a period of 100 years

Word Root of CENTURY

The Latin word centum, meaning hundred, gives us the root cent. Words from the Latin centum have something to do with the number 100. A dollar is made up of 100 cents. A century is a period of 100 years. A percent is the portion of something out of 100 parts.


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