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central time

noun, often capitalized C

Definition of central time

  1. :  the time of the sixth time zone west of Greenwich that includes the central United States — see time zone illustration


First Known Use of central time


Rhymes with central time

access time, aftertime, anytime, beforetime, Bettelheim, borrowed time, Christmastime, common time, dinnertime, double prime, double-time, drop a dime, eastern time, elapsed time, Father Time, harvesttime, Hildesheim, in jig time, just-in-time, Kaffir lime, lemon thyme, local time, lysozyme, Mannerheim, maritime, monorhyme, mountain time, nursery rhyme, on a dime, overtime, pantomime, Pappenheim, paradigm, question time, released time, running time, soda lime, standard time, summertime, take one's time, vowel rhyme, wintertime

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