noun \ˈselt\

Definition of CELT

:  a prehistoric stone or metal implement shaped like a chisel or ax head

Origin of CELT

Late Latin celtis chisel
First Known Use: 1715

Other Archaeology Terms

Attic, Byzantine, Paleolithic, cairn, core, flint, horizon, neolithic, shard, stratum

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noun \ˈkelt, ˈselt\

: a member of a group of people (such as the Irish or Welsh) who lived in ancient Britain and parts of western Europe

: a person whose ancestors were Celts

Full Definition of CELT

:  a member of a division of the early Indo-European peoples distributed from the British Isles and Spain to Asia Minor
:  a modern Gael, Highland Scot, Irishman, Welshman, Cornishman, or Breton

Examples of CELT

  1. The Celts defended their lands against the Romans.

Origin of CELT

Latin Celtae, plural, from Greek Keltoi
First Known Use: 1550

Other Anthropology Terms

ectomorph, ethnography, prehistory, yurt

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