noun \ˌka-və-ˈlir\

Definition of CAVALIER

:  a gentleman trained in arms and horsemanship
:  a mounted soldier :  knight
capitalized :  an adherent of Charles I of England
:  gallant

Examples of CAVALIER

  1. <a novel about the dashing cavaliers and gracious ladies of the South before the Civil War>

Origin of CAVALIER

Middle French, from Old Italian cavaliere, from Old Occitan cavalier, from Late Latin caballarius horseman, from Latin caballus
First Known Use: 1589

Other Equestrian Terms

canter, cantle, curry, farrier, hunter, paddock, router, skirt, tack



: having or showing no concern for something that is important or serious

Full Definition of CAVALIER

:  debonair
:  marked by or given to offhand and often disdainful dismissal of important matters <a cavalier attitude toward money>
a capitalized :  of or relating to the party of Charles I of England in his struggles with the Puritans and Parliament
b :  aristocratic
c capitalized :  of or relating to the English Cavalier poets of the mid-17th century
ca·va·lier·ism \-ˌi-zəm\ noun
cav·a·lier·ly adverb

Examples of CAVALIER

  1. They are too cavalier in their treatment of others.
  2. She has a cavalier attitude about spending money.
  3. He has a cavalier disregard for the rights of others.

First Known Use of CAVALIER

circa 1641

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