geographical name \ka-ˈstēl\

Definition of CASTILE

region & ancient kingdom cen & N Spain divided by the Sierra de Guadarrama into regions & old provinces of Old Castile or Spanish Castilla la Vie·ja \lä-ˈvyā-hä\ (to the N, Burgos) & New Castile or Spanish Castilla la Nue·va \lä-ˈnwā-vä\ (to the S, Toledo)

Variants of CASTILE

Cas·tile or Spanish Cas·til·la \kä-ˈstēl-yä, -ˈstē-yä\


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Traditional region, peninsular Spain. Comprising several modern provinces, its northern part is called Old Castile and its southern part New Castile. Castilian territory was united under León by Fernán González in the 10th century. Though it separated from León in the 12th century, it was reunited with it by Ferdinand III in 1230. The Spanish part of the kingdom of Navarra was annexed by Castile in 1512, thus completing the formation of modern Spain. Castile remains Spain's centre of political and administrative power. See also Castile-León; Castile–La Mancha.

Variants of CASTILE

Castile Spanish Castilla


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