noun \kə-ˈsä-və\

: a tropical plant with thick roots that are used to make small white grains (called tapioca) that are used in cooking

Full Definition of CASSAVA

:  any of several American plants (genus Manihot, especially M. esculenta) of the spurge family grown in the tropics for their edible tuberous roots which yield a nutritious starch; also :  the root — compare tapioca 1

Origin of CASSAVA

Spanish cazabe cassava bread, from Taino caçábi
First Known Use: 1555

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Tuberous edible perennial plant (Manihot esculenta) of the spurge family, from the New World tropics. It is cultivated for its tuberous roots, from which cassava flour, breads, tapioca, a laundry starch, and an alcoholic beverage are derived. It has conspicuous, almost palmate (fan-shaped) leaves and fleshy roots. Different varieties range from low herbs through many-branched shrubs to slender, unbranched trees adapted to diverse habitats.

Variants of CASSAVA

cassava or manioc or yuca


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