noun \ˈker-ˌəŋ-kəl, ˈka-ˌrəŋ-, kə-ˈrəŋ-\

Definition of CARUNCLE

:  a naked fleshy outgrowth (as a bird's wattle)
:  an outgrowth on a seed adjacent to the micropyle

Origin of CARUNCLE

obsolete French caruncule, from Latin caruncula little piece of flesh, diminutive of caro flesh — more at carnal
First Known Use: 1615


noun \ˈkar-əŋ-kəl, kə-ˈrəŋ-\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CARUNCLE

: a small fleshy growth; specifically : a reddish growth situated at the urethral meatus in women and causing pain and bleeding—see lacrimal caruncle


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