noun \ˈkärt-ˌhwēl, -ˌwēl\

: an athletic movement in which you move sideways by placing one hand and then the other on the ground, lifting your feet into the air, and then landing on one foot and then the other foot

Full Definition of CARTWHEEL

:  a large coin (as a silver dollar)
:  a lateral handspring with arms and legs extended

Examples of CARTWHEEL

  1. The children turned cartwheels and somersaults on the grass.

First Known Use of CARTWHEEL




: to do a cartwheel

: to spin or turn over in a violent and uncontrolled way

Full Definition of CARTWHEEL

intransitive verb
:  to move like a turning wheel; specifically :  to perform cartwheels
cart·wheel·er noun

Examples of CARTWHEEL

  1. She cartwheeled across the floor.
  2. The car hit the pole and then cartwheeled across the road.

First Known Use of CARTWHEEL



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