noun \ˈker-ət, ˈka-rət\

: the long orange root of a plant that is eaten as a vegetable

: something that is offered as a reward or advantage to persuade a person to do something

Full Definition of CARROT

:  a biennial herb (Daucus carota of the family Umbelliferae, the carrot family) with a usually orange spindle-shaped edible root; also :  its root
:  a reward or advantage offered especially as an inducement

Examples of CARROT

  1. She chopped some carrots for the soup.
  2. He added some grated carrot to the soup.
  3. The company offered a carrot in the form of additional vacation time to workers who met their deadlines.

Origin of CARROT

Middle French carotte, from Late Latin carota, from Greek karōton
First Known Use: 1533

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noun \ˈkar-ət\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CARROT

: a biennial plant of the genus Daucus (D. carota) that bears seeds which have been used especially as a diuretic and stimulant and that in cultivated varieties has a yellow or orange-red tapering root which is used as a vegetable; also : its root


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Carrot (Daucus carota).—Kenneth and Brenda Formanek/EB Inc.

Herbaceous, generally biennial plant (Daucus carota) of the parsley family, that produces an edible globular or long taproot in the first growing season. Native to Afghanistan and neighbouring lands, it is grown extensively in temperate zones. It is a rich source of carotene. An erect rosette of feathery leaves develops above ground in the first season; the edible carrot is below. After a rest period at temperatures near freezing, large flower stalks arise, bearing large compound umbels.


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