noun \ˌker-ə-ˈsel, ˌka-rə- also -ˈzel; ˈker-ə-ˌ, ˈka-rə-\

: a machine or device with a moving belt or part that carries things around in a circle

Full Definition of CAROUSEL

:  a tournament or exhibition in which horsemen execute evolutions
a :  merry-go-round
b :  a circular conveyor <the luggage carousel at the airport>
c :  a revolving case or tray used for storage or display

Variants of CAROUSEL

car·ou·sel also car·rou·sel \ˌker-ə-ˈsel, ˌka-rə- also -ˈzel; ˈker-ə-ˌ, ˈka-rə-\

Examples of CAROUSEL

  1. He loves to ride on the carousel at the park.
  2. the luggage carousel at the airport
  3. a CD player with a six-disk carousel

Origin of CAROUSEL

French carrousel, from Italian carosello
First Known Use: 1650

Other Performing Arts Terms

diva, dramaturgy, loge, prestidigitation, proscenium, supernumerary, zany


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