geographical name \ˈker-ē-ə\

Definition of CARIA

ancient region SW Asia Minor bordering on Aegean Sea Halicarnassus
Car·i·an \-ē-ən\ adjective or noun


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Ancient district, southwestern Anatolia. It was one of the most thoroughly Hellenized districts in ancient Anatolia; its territory included Greek cities along the shore of the Aegean Sea and a mountainous interior bounded by Lydia, Phrygia, and Lycia. Absorbed first by Lydia, it later was annexed (6th century BC) by the Persian Achaemenian Empire, one of whose governors, Mausolus, transferred its capital from Mylasa to Halicarnassus. Taken from Persia in 334–332 BC by Alexander the Great, it was incorporated into the Roman province of Asia in 129 BC.


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