noun \kär-ˈsi-nə-jən, ˈkär-sə-nə-ˌjen\

medical : a substance that can cause cancer

Full Definition of CARCINOGEN

:  a substance or agent causing cancer
car·ci·no·gen·ic \ˌkär-sə-nō-ˈje-nik\ adjective
car·ci·no·ge·nic·i·ty \-jə-ˈni-sə-tē\ noun

Examples of CARCINOGEN

  1. Cigarette smoke contains known carcinogens.

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Other Medicine Terms

analgesia, angina, diabetes, hepatitis, homeopathy, logorrhea, palliate, pandemic


noun \kär-ˈsin-ə-jən, ˈkärs-ən-ə-ˌjen\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of CARCINOGEN

: a substance or agent causing cancer


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Agent that can cause cancer. Exposure to one or more carcinogens, including certain chemicals, radiation, and certain viruses, can initiate cancer under conditions not completely understood. Some people have a genetic tendency to develop cancer when exposed to a specific carcinogen or combination of carcinogens. Repeated local injury or irritation to a part of the body can be carcinogenic. Identifying and eliminating carcinogens in time can reduce the incidence of cancer.


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