noun \ˈker-ə-ˌkal, ˈka-rə-\

Definition of CARACAL

:  a long-legged reddish-brown nocturnal cat (Felis caracal syn. Lynx caracal) of savannas in Africa and parts of Asia that has long pointed ears with a tuft of black hairs at the tip

Origin of CARACAL

French, from Turkish karakulak, from kara black + kulak ear
First Known Use: 1760


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Short-tailed cat (Caracal caracal) found in hills, deserts, and plains of Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South Asia. It is sleek and short-haired, with a reddish brown coat and long tufts of black hairs on its pointed ears. Long-legged and short-tailed, it stands 16–18 in. (40–45 cm) tall and is 26–30 in. (66–76 cm) long, excluding its tail. Generally solitary and nocturnal, it preys on birds and mammals, including peafowl, gazelles, and hares. In Asia, where it has become rare, it has been trained as a hunting animal.


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