verb can·vass \ˈkan-vəs\

: to ask (the people in an area) what they think about a candidate, project, idea, etc.

: to talk to the people in an area in order to get them to support a candidate, project, idea, etc.

: to look at or consider (something) carefully


Full Definition of CANVASS

transitive verb
obsolete :  to toss in a canvas sheet in sport or punishment
a :  to examine in detail; specifically :  to examine (votes) officially for authenticity
b :  discuss, debate
:  to go through (a district) or go to (persons) in order to solicit orders or political support or to determine opinions or sentiments <canvass voters>
intransitive verb
:  to seek orders or votes :  solicit
can·vass·er also can·vas·er noun

Variants of CANVASS

can·vass also can·vas \ˈkan-vəs\

Examples of CANVASS

  1. A team of volunteers is canvassing the city for the Republican Party.
  2. We go to every house to canvass voters.
  3. She is canvassing for one of the presidential candidates this year.
  4. The group has been canvassing neighborhoods to ask people to vote for him.
  5. The company canvassed several sites for a new factory.

First Known Use of CANVASS


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Definition of CANVASS

:  the act or an instance of canvassing; especially :  a personal solicitation of votes or survey of public opinion

Variants of CANVASS

canvass also canvas

First Known Use of CANVASS

circa 1611
CANVASSER Defined for Kids


verb can·vass \ˈkan-vəs\

Definition of CANVASS for Kids

:  to go to (people) to ask for votes, contributions, or orders for goods or to determine public opinion
can·vass·er noun


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