noun can·ti·le·ver \ˈkan-tə-ˌlē-vər, -ˌle-\

: a long piece of wood, metal, etc., that sticks out from a wall or other structure to support something above it (such as a balcony or bridge)

Full Definition of CANTILEVER

:  a projecting beam or member supported at only one end: as
a :  a bracket-shaped member supporting a balcony or a cornice
b :  either of the two beams or trusses that project from piers toward each other and that when joined directly or by a suspended connecting member form a span of a cantilever bridge

Examples of CANTILEVER

  1. The porch is supported by steel cantilevers.


perhaps from 3cant + -i- + lever
First Known Use: 1667

Other Civil Engineering Terms

asphalt, ballast, barrage, infrastructure, sluice



: to support (something) with a cantilever

of a structure : to extend out over an area

Full Definition of CANTILEVER

transitive verb
:  to support by a cantilever <a cantilevered shelf>
:  to build as a cantilever
intransitive verb
:  to project as a cantilever

Examples of CANTILEVER

  1. The balcony cantilevers over the terrace below.

First Known Use of CANTILEVER


Other Civil Engineering Terms

asphalt, ballast, barrage, cantilever, infrastructure, sluice
CANTILEVER[1] Defined for Kids


noun can·ti·le·ver \ˈkan-tə-ˌlē-vər, -ˌle-\

Definition of CANTILEVER for Kids

:  a beam or similar support fastened (as by being built into a wall) only at one end <The balcony is supported by wooden cantilevers.>
:  either of two structures that stick out from piers toward each other and when joined form a span in a bridge (cantilever bridge)


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