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called strike


Definition of called strike

  1. :  a pitched baseball not struck at by the batter that passes through the strike zone


First Known Use of called strike


Rhymes with called strike

alike, apelike, armlike, barnlike, bearlike, belike, birdlike, bladelike, boatlike, boxlike, catlike, childlike, Christlike, clawlike, claylike, clocklike, dirgelike, dirt bike, dislike, doglike, dreamlike, feel like, first strike, fishlike, flu-like, fly-strike, garpike, godlike, grasslike, handspike, hitchhike, homelike, horselike, hymnlike, jazzlike, Klondike, lifelike, mislike, moonlike, nunlike, parklike, pealike, push-bike, rampike, ratlike, rent strike, restrike, ringlike, rocklike, rootlike, ropelike, scalelike, sharklike, sheaflike, shrimplike, shunpike, snakelike, sphinxlike, springlike, suchlike, tanklike, ten-strike, trail bike, trancelike, turnpike, unlike, Updike, Vandyke, Van Dyck, warlike, wavelike, whalelike, wifelike, winglike, wraithlike

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