noun cal·i·per \ˈka-lə-pər\

: a tool that has two narrow legs which can be adjusted to measure the thickness or width of something

callipers : metal devices that are worn to support legs that have been weakened by injury or disease

Full Definition of CALIPER

a :  any of various measuring instruments having two usually adjustable arms, legs, or jaws used especially to measure diameter or thickness —usually used in plural <a pair of calipers>
b :  a device for pressing a frictional material (as a brake pad) against the sides of a rotating wheel or disc
:  thickness especially of paper, cardboard, or a tree

Illustration of CALIPER

Origin of CALIPER

alteration of caliber
First Known Use: 1588


caliperedcaliper·ing \-p(ə-)riŋ\

Definition of CALIPER

transitive verb
:  to measure by or as if by calipers

First Known Use of CALIPER

CALIPERING Defined for Kids


noun cal·i·per \ˈka-lə-pər\

Definition of CALIPER for Kids

:  an instrument with two adjustable legs used to measure the thickness of objects or the distance between surfaces —usually used in pl. <a pair of calipers>


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