cairn terrier

cairn terrier


Definition of CAIRN TERRIER

:  any of a breed of small compactly built hard-coated terriers of Scottish origin


from its use in hunting among cairns
First Known Use: 1910

cairn terrier

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Breed of terrier developed in Scotland to rout animals that prey on game. The modern breed's characteristics are carefully patterned on those of the dog's ancestor, a 17th-century terrier of the Isle of Skye. This short-legged dog has a short, broad face. Its coarse coat is usually bluish gray, tan, or pale yellowish brown. Generally active, hardy, alert, and spirited, it is valued as a pet and watchdog. It stands 9–10 in. (23–25.5 cm) high and weighs about 13–14 lbs (6–6.5 kg).


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