adjective \ˈkā-jē\

: not willing to say everything that you know about something

: careful to avoid being trapped or tricked

: very clever


Full Definition of CAGEY

:  hesitant about committing oneself <officials are cagey about giving out details>
a :  wary of being trapped or deceived :  shrewd <a cagey consumer>
b :  marked by cleverness <a cagey reply>
ca·gi·ly \-jə-lē\ adverb
ca·gi·ness also ca·gey·ness \-jē-nəs\ noun

Variants of CAGEY

ca·gey also ca·gy \ˈkā-jē\

Examples of CAGEY

  1. <a cagey old politician who is exceptionally skilled at getting federal money for his district>
  2. <when it came time to sign the contract, he suddenly got cagey about taking on the job>

Origin of CAGEY

origin unknown
First Known Use: circa 1893

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