noun cac·tus \ˈkak-təs\

: a plant that lives in the desert and that has many sharp points (called spines)

plural cac·ti \-ˌtī, -(ˌ)tē\ or cac·tus·es also cactus

Full Definition of CACTUS

:  any of a family (Cactaceae, the cactus family) of plants that have succulent stems and branches with scales or spines instead of leaves and are found especially in dry areas (as deserts)

Origin of CACTUS

New Latin, genus name, from Latin, cardoon, from Greek kaktos
First Known Use: 1767

Other Seed Plant Terms

aubergine, box, bramble, briar, composite, perpetual, pulse, trefoil

Rhymes with CACTUS

CACTI Defined for Kids


noun cac·tus \ˈkak-təs\
plural cac·ti \-ˌtī, -tē\ or cac·tus·es

Definition of CACTUS for Kids

:  any of a large group of flowering plants of dry regions that have thick juicy stems and branches with scales or spines
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