adjective \ˈbər-niŋ\

: on fire : producing or having a flame

: very strong

: very hot

Full Definition of BURNING

a :  being on fire
b :  ardent, intense <burning enthusiasm>
a :  affecting with or as if with heat <a burning fever>
b :  resembling that produced by a burn <a burning sensation on the tongue>
:  of fundamental importance :  urgent <one of the burning issues of our time>
burn·ing·ly \-niŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of BURNING

  1. She stared at the burning embers for a long time.
  2. a burning hatred of corruption
  3. The medicine produced a burning sensation on my tongue.
  4. Symptoms include itchy, burning eyes.

First Known Use of BURNING

before 12th century


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