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burn the midnight oil

Definition of burn the midnight oil

  1. :  to work or study until very late at night <The students have been burning the midnight oil as they prepare for their final exams.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  creek

  1. :  to consume fuel and give off heat, light, and gases

    :  to undergo combustion

    :  to undergo nuclear fission or nuclear fusion

  1. :  an act, process, instance, or result of burning: as

    :  injury or damage resulting from exposure to fire, heat, caustics, electricity, or certain radiations

    :  a burned area

  1. :  the middle of the night

    :  12 o'clock at night

    :  deep or extended darkness or gloom

  1. :  any of numerous unctuous combustible substances that are liquid or can be liquefied easily on warming, are soluble in ether but not in water, and leave a greasy stain on paper or cloth

    :  petroleum

    :  the petroleum industry

  1. :  to smear, rub over, furnish, or lubricate with oil

    :  to take on fuel oil

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