noun \ˈbəŋ-kər\

: a strong building that is mostly below ground and that is used to keep soldiers, weapons, etc., safe from attacks

golf : an area on a golf course that is filled with sand

: a container for holding coal, oil, etc., on a ship or outside a house

Full Definition of BUNKER

:  a bin or compartment for storage; especially :  one on shipboard for the ship's fuel
a :  a protective embankment or dugout; especially :  a fortified chamber mostly below ground often built of reinforced concrete and provided with embrasures
b :  a sand trap or embankment constituting a hazard on a golf course
bun·kered \-kərd\ adjective

Examples of BUNKER

  1. The ammunition is stored in concrete bunkers.

Origin of BUNKER

Scots bonker chest, box
First Known Use: 1839



golf : to hit (a golf ball) into a bunker

: to place or store (coal, oil, etc.) in a bunker

bun·keredbun·ker·ing \-k(ə-)riŋ\

Full Definition of BUNKER

intransitive verb
:  to fill a ship's bunker with coal or oil
transitive verb
:  to place or store in a bunker
:  to hit (a golf ball or shot) into a bunker

Examples of BUNKER

  1. She bunkered her tee shot.
  2. They bunkered just enough coal to get them to the port.

First Known Use of BUNKER



biographical name \ˈbəŋ-kər\

Definition of BUNKER

Ellsworth 1894–1984 Am. diplomat


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