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noun bun·dle \ˈbən-dəl\

Simple Definition of bundle

  • : a group of things that are fastened, tied, or wrapped together

  • : a group of things that are together or are associated with each other in some way

  • : a person who has a lot of some quality or who is known for a particular kind of behavior

Full Definition of bundle

  1. 1 a :  a group of things fastened together for convenient handling b :  package, parcel c :  a considerable number :  lot d :  a sizable sum of money e :  a person embodying a specified quality or characteristic f :  bunch 2

  2. 2 a :  a small band of mostly parallel fibers (as of nerve or muscle) b :  vascular bundle

  3. 3 :  a package offering related products or services at a single price

Examples of bundle

  1. Whoever picks the winning ticket will win a bundle of prizes.

  2. He made a bundle on the stock market.

  3. A reliable car doesn't have to cost a bundle.

  4. They made bundles of money.

Origin of bundle

Middle English bundel, from Middle Dutch; akin to Old English byndel bundle, bindan to bind

First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with bundle



verb bun·dle

Simple Definition of bundle

  • : to fasten, tie, or wrap a group of things together : to make (a group of things) into a bundle

  • : to move or push (someone) into a place quickly

  • : to include (a product or service) with another product or service so that they are sold together

Full Definition of bundle

bun·dledbun·dling play \ˈbən(d)-liŋ, ˈbən-dəl-iŋ\

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to make into a bundle

  3. 2 :  to hustle or hurry unceremoniously <bundled the children off to school>

  4. 3 :  to include (a product or service) with a related product for sale at a single price

  5. intransitive verb
  6. 1 :  hurry, hustle

  7. 2 :  to practice bundling

bun·dler play \-lər, -dəl-ər\ noun

Examples of bundle

  1. Someone had bundled the wet towels into a big pile.

  2. She bundled the children into the car.

  3. We all bundled into the car.

  4. They've increased sales by bundling their most popular programs.

  5. a computer that comes with bundled software


First Known Use of bundle


Medical Dictionary


noun bun·dle \ˈbən-dəl\

Medical Definition of bundle

  1. :  a small band of mostly parallel fibers (as of nerve or muscle) :  fasciculus, tract

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