adjective \ˈb-lish also ˈbə-\

: hopeful or confident that something or someone will be successful : optimistic about the future of something or someone

: expecting the price of stocks to go up : characterized by rising stock prices

Full Definition of BULLISH

:  suggestive of a bull (as in brawniness)
a :  marked by, tending to cause, or hopeful of rising prices (as in a stock market) <a bullish market> <bullish policies> <bullish investors>
b :  optimistic about something's or someone's prospects <bullish on the company's future>
bull·ish·ly adverb
bull·ish·ness noun

Examples of BULLISH

  1. Members of her party are bullish about her reelection.
  2. They are bullish about the future of the product.

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