verb \ˈbl-ˌdōz also ˈbəl-\

: to use a bulldozer to move, destroy, or knock down (something)

: to create (something, such as a road) by using a bulldozer

: to force (something that others might not want to happen) to be done or accepted in an aggressive or harsh way

Full Definition of BULLDOZE

transitive verb
:  to coerce or restrain by threats :  bully
:  to move, clear, gouge out, or level off by pushing with or as if with a bulldozer
:  to force insensitively or ruthlessly
intransitive verb
:  to operate a bulldozer
:  to force one's way like a bulldozer

Examples of BULLDOZE

  1. The crew is bulldozing the trees.
  2. They bulldozed a road through the hills.
  3. The governor bulldozed the law through the legislature.

Origin of BULLDOZE

perhaps from 1bull + alteration of dose
First Known Use: 1876

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