noun \ˈbl-ˌdg also ˈbəl-\

: a short, strong, muscular dog with short hair, short legs, and a wide square head

Full Definition of BULLDOG

:  any of a breed of compact muscular short-haired dogs having widely separated forelegs and an undershot lower jaw that were developed in England to fight bulls
:  a handgun with a thick usually short barrel
:  a proctor's attendant at an English university

First Known Use of BULLDOG

circa 1500



Definition of BULLDOG

:  suggestive of a bulldog <bulldog tenacity>

First Known Use of BULLDOG




Definition of BULLDOG

transitive verb
:  to throw (a steer) by seizing the horns and twisting the neck
bull·dog·ger noun
bull·dog·ging noun

First Known Use of BULLDOG



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Centuries-old breed of dog developed in Britain to fight bulls. Powerful and courageous, often vicious, and largely unaware of pain, the bulldog nearly disappeared when dogfighting was outlawed in 1835. Fanciers of the breed saved it and bred out its ferocity. It is now considered gentle and reliable. It has a large head, folded ears, a short muzzle, a protruding lower jaw, and loose skin that forms wrinkles on the head and face. Its short, fine coat is tan, white, reddish brown, brindle, or piebald. It stands 13–15 in. (34–38 cm) high and weighs 40–50 lbs (18–23 kg).

Variants of BULLDOG

bulldog or English bulldog


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