noun \ˈbək-ˌhwēt, -ˌwēt\

: a plant with dark seeds that are used to make grain and flour; also : grain or flour made from the seeds of the buckwheat plant

Full Definition of BUCKWHEAT

:  any of a genus (Fagopyrum of the family Polygonaceae, the buckwheat family) of Eurasian herbs with alternate leaves, clusters of apetalous pinkish-white flowers, and triangular seeds; especially :  either of two plants (F. esculentum and F. tartaricum) cultivated for their edible seeds
:  the seed of a buckwheat used as a cereal grain


Dutch boekweit, from Middle Dutch boecweit, from boec- (akin to Old High German buohha beech tree) + weit wheat — more at beech
First Known Use: 1548


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Either of two species (Fagopyrum esculentum, or sagittatum, and F. tataricum) of herbaceous plants and their edible, triangular seeds, used as a cereal grain though the plant is not a cereal grass. It is less productive than other grain crops on good soils but is particularly adapted to arid, hilly land and cool climates. Because it matures quickly, it can be grown as a late-season crop. It improves conditions for the cultivation of other crops by smothering weeds and may be planted as a green-manure crop. Buckwheat is often used as a feed for poultry and other livestock. It is high in carbohydrates and is about 11% protein and 2% fat. The hulled kernels, or groats, can be cooked and served much like rice. Buckwheat flour is unsatisfactory for bread but is used to make pancakes (“buckwheat cakes”).


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