geographical name \ˈbrə-səlz\

Definition of BRUSSELS

city of Belgium & of Brabant pop 136,730
Bru·xel·lois \brue-sel-ˈalso bruek-\ adjective or noun

Variants of BRUSSELS

Brus·sels or French Bru·xelles \brue(k)-ˈsel\ or Flemish Brus·sel \ˈbrue-səl\


geographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

City (pop., 2006 est.: 145,717), capital of Belgium. Part of the Brussels-Capital Region (pop., 2006 est.: 1,024,492), one of the three regions into which Belgium is divided, it lies on the Senne River, a tributary of the Schelde. The village began on an island in the Senne and ultimately became a holding of the dukes of Brabant. In 1530 it became the capital of the Netherlands, which was then under Habsburg control. It became part of the United Kingdom of The Netherlands in 1815. A centre of Belgian rebellion, it became the capital of Belgium in 1830. An important industrial and commercial city, it is the headquarters of both NATO and the European Union.

Variants of BRUSSELS

Brussels French Bruxelles Flemish Brussel


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