brown bear

brown bear


Definition of BROWN BEAR

:  any of several bears predominantly brown in color that are usually considered a single species (Ursus arctos) including the grizzly bear and that formerly inhabited western North America from the barrens of Alaska to northern Mexico and much of Europe and Asia but are now much restricted in range

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brown bear

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Shaggy-haired, characteristically brown species (Ursus arctos) of bear with numerous races native to Eurasia and to northwestern North America. North American brown bears are usually called grizzly bears. Eurasian brown bears are generally solitary animals, able to run and swim well, and usually 48–84 in. (120–210 cm) long and 300–550 lbs (135–250 kg). They feed on mammals, fish, vegetable materials, and honey. The exceptionally large Siberian brown bear is similar in size to the grizzly.


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