noun \ˈbrī-b(ə-)rē\

: the act or crime giving or accepting a bribe

plural brib·er·ies

Full Definition of BRIBERY

:  the act or practice of giving or taking a bribe

Examples of BRIBERY

  1. They were arrested on charges of bribery.

First Known Use of BRIBERY


Other Legal Terms

actionable, alienable, carceral, chattel, complicity, decedent, larceny, malfeasance, modus operandi


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Crime of giving a benefit (e.g., money) in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust (e.g., an official or witness). Accepting a bribe also constitutes a crime. Bribery is typically punishable as a felony (see felony and misdemeanour). In any charge of bribery, some element of “corrupt purpose” must be implied or proved. Thus, in the absence of a complete statutory prohibition on the granting of favours to a public official, a gift is not a bribe unless it is given with some intent to influence the recipient's official behaviour. See also extortion.


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