adjective \ˈbrā-zən\

: acting or done in a very open and shocking way without shame or embarrassment

Full Definition of BRAZEN

:  made of brass
a :  sounding harsh and loud like struck brass
b :  of the color of polished brass
:  marked by contemptuous boldness
bra·zen·ly adverb
bra·zen·ness \ˈbrā-zən-(n)əs\ noun

Examples of BRAZEN

  1. He exhibited a brazen disregard for other people's feelings.
  2. <a brazen demand for special treatment just because she's rich>

Origin of BRAZEN

Middle English brasen, from Old English bræsen, from bræs brass
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Color Terms

argentine, cerise, cerulean, cyan, ocher, perse, puce, taupe, vermilion

Rhymes with BRAZEN


bra·zenedbra·zen·ing \ˈbrāz-niŋ, ˈbrā-zən-iŋ\

Definition of BRAZEN

transitive verb
:  to face with defiance or impudence —usually used in the phrase brazen it out

Examples of BRAZEN

  1. <a filmmaker willing to brazen the criticism that such a violent film was sure to provoke>

First Known Use of BRAZEN

circa 1555

Rhymes with BRAZEN


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