noun \ˈbrat\

Definition of BRAT

a :  child; specifically :  an ill-mannered annoying child <a spoiled brat>
b :  an ill-mannered immature person
:  the child of a career military person <army brats>; also :  the child of a person whose career is in a specified and typically unusual field <Hollywood brats>
brat·ti·ness \ˈbra-tē-nəs\ noun
brat·tish \ˈbra-tish\ adjective
brat·ty \-tē\ adjective

Origin of BRAT

perhaps from English dialect brat coarse garment
First Known Use: circa 1505


noun \ˈbrät, ˈbrat\

Definition of BRAT

:  bratwurst

Origin of BRAT

by shortening
First Known Use: 1949


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