noun \ˈbrä-mə\

Definition of BRAHMA

:  the creator god of the Hindu sacred triad — compare shiva, vishnu
:  the ultimate ground of all being in Hinduism

Origin of BRAHMA

Sanskrit brahman
First Known Use: 1690

Rhymes with BRAHMA


noun \ˈbrā-mə, ˈbrä-, ˈbra-\

Definition of BRAHMA

:  brahman 2

First Known Use of BRAHMA



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

One of three major gods in late Vedic Hinduism, c. 500 BC–c. AD 500. He was gradually eclipsed by the other two, Vishnu and Shiva. In classical times the doctrine of Trimurti identified the three as aspects of a supreme deity. Brahma was associated with the creator god Prajapati, whose identity he came to assume. All temples of Shiva or Vishnu contain an image of Brahma, but today there is no sect or cult devoted exclusively to him.


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