noun \ˈba(-ə)l\

: the long tube in the body that helps digest food and carries solid waste out of the body

the bowels : the deep inner parts of something

Full Definition of BOWEL

:  intestine, gut; also :  one of the divisions of the intestines —usually used in plural except in medical use <the large bowel> <move your bowels>
archaic :  the seat of pity, tenderness, or courage —usually used in plural
plural :  the interior parts; especially :  the deep or remote parts <bowels of the earth>
bow·el·less \ˈba(-ə)l-ləs\ adjective

Examples of BOWEL

  1. a disease of the bowel
  2. They dug deep into the bowels of the earth.
  3. The engine room is down in the bowels of the ship.

Origin of BOWEL

Middle English, from Anglo-French buel, boel, from Medieval Latin botellus, from Latin, diminutive of botulus sausage
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Anatomy Terms

bilateral symmetry, carotid, cartilage, dorsal, entrails, prehensile, renal, solar plexus, supine, thoracic, ventral

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noun \ˈba(-ə)l\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of BOWEL

: intestine, gut; also : one of the divisions of the intestines—usually used in plural except in medical use <move your bowels> <surgery of the involved bowel>


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