bottom line


bottom line


the bottom line : the most important part of something : the most important thing to consider

: the final result or outcome

: a company's profits or losses

Full Definition of BOTTOM LINE

a :  the essential or salient point :  crux
b :  the primary or most important consideration
a :  the line at the bottom of a financial report that shows the net profit or loss
b :  financial considerations (as cost or profit or loss)
c :  the final result

Examples of BOTTOM LINE

  1. If our flight is late, we will miss our connection. That's the bottom line.
  2. A student with special needs can stress a school's budget, but the bottom line is that the state must provide for the child's education.
  3. How will these changes affect our bottom line?
  4. He's always got his eye on the bottom line.
  5. He says his bottom line is $120,000.

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