noun \ˈbr-ˌzi\

Definition of BORZOI

:  any of a breed of large dogs developed in Russia especially for pursuing wolves that have a long silky usually white coat with darker markings —called also Russian wolfhound

Origin of BORZOI

Russian borzoĭ, from borzoĭ swift
First Known Use: 1887


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Borzoi.—Sally Anne Thompson/EB Inc.

Breed of hound developed in Russia. It is descended from the Arabian greyhound and a collielike Russian sheepdog. Formerly known as the Russian wolfhound, it was originally bred to hunt wolves and hares. It is graceful, strong, and swift, attaining a height of about 26–31 in. (66–79 cm) and a weight of 55–105 lbs (25–48 kg). It has a long, narrow head; small ears; a deep but narrow chest; long, muscular hindquarters; and a long, curved tail. Its silky coat is flat or slightly curled and usually is white with darker markings. It is noted for its elegant appearance.


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