noun \ˈbüth, especially British ˈth\

: a partially enclosed area or a small and usually temporary building where things are sold or displayed or services are provided

: a small area that is enclosed in order to provide privacy for one person

: an enclosed area for some kinds of workers that provides shelter and keeps them separated from the public

plural booths \ˈthz, ˈbüths\

Full Definition of BOOTH

:  a temporary shelter for livestock or field workers
a :  a stall or stand (as at a fair) for the sale or exhibition of goods
b (1) :  a small enclosure affording privacy for one person at a time <a telephone booth> <polling booths>
(2) :  a small enclosure that isolates its occupant especially from patrons or customers <a ticket booth> (3) :  an isolated enclosure used in sound recording or in broadcasting <a radio booth>
c :  a restaurant seating arrangement consisting of a table between two high-back benches

Examples of BOOTH

  1. A local sheep farmer has a booth at the county fair and is selling wool yarn.
  2. We got hot dogs at one of the food booths.
  3. They sat at a booth next to the window.

Origin of BOOTH

Middle English bothe, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse būth booth; akin to Old English būan to dwell — more at bower
First Known Use: 13th century

Other Audio Recording Terms

baffle, dub, fidelity, transcription, treble


biographical name \ˈbüth, chiefly British ˈth\

Definition of BOOTH

family of Am. actors: Junius Brutus 1796–1852 b in England & his sons Edwin Thomas 1833–1893 & John Wilkes 1838–1865 assassin of Lincoln


biographical name

Definition of BOOTH

William 1829–1912 Eng. founder of Salvation Army father of: William Bramwell 1856–1929 Salvation Army gen.; Ballington 1857–1940 founder of Volunteers of America; Evangeline Cory 1865–1950 Salvation Army gen.
BOOTH Defined for Kids


noun \ˈbüth\
plural booths \ˈthz\

Definition of BOOTH for Kids

:  partly enclosed area or small building used for a particular purpose <a ticket booth>
:  table in a restaurant between two benches with high backs


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